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Helpful Documents & Forms

Guide To Filing An Online Appeal with the Assessor (Document 1)

Paper Appeal form (Document 2)

Sample Appeal form (Document 3) This is a marked-up example as to how to complete the paper appeal.

Appeal Narrative form (Document 4) This form may be used  to explain any otherwise unknown facts that affect the value of your property
Information To Keep In Mind For Your Appeal

While it is better to file an online appeal, you may file a “paper” appeal using the Assessor’s form. Your paper appeal must be addressed to the Cook County Assessor at the address in the upper left corner of the appeal form and post marked no later than August 19, 2022

The most common ground for appeal is “lack of uniformity” based on the fact that a number of comparable properties are assessed at assessed value per square foot rates (AV/SF) that are lower than the rate used to assess your property. You can also appeal based on "overvaluation" if you purchased the property in the past three years for an amount that is less than the 2022 assessed value or if you have an appraisal that is less than an year old and states a value that is less than the 2022 assessed value. 

We are pleased to help you in filing your appeal. Given the large volume of requests we have received, we ask that you communicate with us via email, if possible.
In your e-mail message, state:

* your name
* your address of the property (and PIN if you have it)
* your telephone number

Below are several forms that you might choose to use in filing your appeal. 

Paper Appeal form (Document 2)

Sample Appeal form (Document 3) This is a marked-up example as to how to complete the paper appeal.

Appeal Narrative form (Document 4) This form may be used  to explain any otherwise unknown facts that affect the value of your property.

Additional Information:

* You may file only one appeal per property

* If you file an online appeal, you cannot then file a paper appeal for the same property. 

* The Assessor will mail his decision to you. We do not know when those decisions will be mailed. Sometime after the Assessor certifies his decisions, the Board of Review will take appeals pertaining to 2022 assessment values.

*Please do not call or visit the office during the appeal period as such interactions inevitably slow down the workflow. 




Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi has mailed the 2022 tax year Reassessment Notices for property in New Trier Township. The most common grounds of appeal are: “lack of uniformity” — i.e., nearby properties with similar characteristics to your property (livable square footage, age, construction materials, etc.) are assessed at a lower value per LIVABLE square foot than your property — and “overvaluation” (either the price paid for your property in a recent arms’ length sale or the appraised value stated in an appraisal made by a licensed Illinois appraiser within the past 6-8 months is lower than the Assessor’s market value for your property). You can also appeal based on factual error — e.g., the livable square footage of the house is 2,000 SF not 3,000 SF as stated in the Assessor’s records. 


You can appeal your assessed value online (the Assessor’s preferred method) or by filing a paper appeal. Either way, we can assist you with preparation. If possible, the best way to reach us for assistance is via email to either or Deputy Assessor Len Shifflett,  


PLEASE include your name, address, telephone number, PIN (if you have it available), and EXACTLY what you wish us to do.  Or call us (847.446.8200) and leave the information. Please don’t call more than once. We will not be able to return phone calls immediately, and repeat requests will just slow things down. 


For everyone’s protection, please do not come to the office without an appointment. New Trier Township requires masks in the office, and so do we. Our office area is small and cannot accommodate more than a couple of people at a time. 


We will have Sign-In sheets and information for those who don’t wish to wait in the office. 


Jan Churchwell

New Trier Township Assessor


2021 Property Tax Exemption Forms are online at 


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What We Do

In a Nutshell: Your New Trier Township Assessor's Office advocates for you with the Cook County Assessor's Office and the Cook County Board of Review. Additionally, we provide a broad range of services acting as a liaison for you with various County agencies.

Available Services

  • Assistance with preparing appeals for the Cook County Assessor, the Assessor's Re-Review and the Cook County Board of Review (and Re-Review)
    • We provide information about the various grounds for appeal
    • We file appeals for you at your request
  • Assistance with preparing appeals for the Property Tax Appeal Board (PTAB)
  • Assistance with filing exemptions
  • Assistance with the Cook County Treasurer's Office
    • Obtaining refunds where applicable
    • Updating name and address information
    • Providing documentation to correct second installment tax bills that are missing valid exemptions
  • Sales and building permit information
  • Taxpayer of record information
  • Brief legal descriptions of a specific property
  • Information from the Plat Books ("Sidwell Maps")
  • Information from tax exempt properties
  • Tax rate information

Outreach Events

We are also available to do outreach events for your organization. We have a presentation we call "Your Annual Tax Calendar at a Glance," but will gladly tailor a presentation for your organization.

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You can reach the New Trier Assessor's office at 847-446-8200. Deputy Assessor Leonard Shifflett and I look forward to serving you.

Jan Churchwell, New Trier Township Assessor

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