Advisory Committees


New Trier Township is making a difference in the lives of many individuals by offering access to human services available through numerous professional agencies along the North Shore. Our mission is bolstered by the experience and enthusiasm of volunteers who step forward and work on Township oversight committees.

Advisory Committees typically meet monthly for a 1.5 to 2 hours, except for January and one or two months during the summer. The Mental Health, Disabilities Services, and Life Stages committees conduct hearings with the agencies applying for funding and make recommendations to the Township Board of Trustees about which agencies to fund and how much to fund them, within certain parameters set by the board. Preparation for these hearings requires members to read all the funding proposals and prepare questions for the agencies; this process may take several hours, but is vital to making objective, well-researched decisions.


Each committee member may serve up to 2, three-year terms; members can rotate during their term to other Township Committees. 

If you would like to make a difference by volunteering on a committee, please phone Steven Anderson at 847-446-8253 or email at for more information. Applications are available online here:  Application