New Trier History

The Township form of government was created to bring government closer to the people it served. It originated as the settlers' agency for maintaining order and for dealing with law violators. Today it provides quality-of-life services that address immediate and emerging needs of residents.

History Book

In celebration of New Trier Township’s 160th Anniversary, the Township published a history booklet (PDF) that spans from its origins in 1850 to the present time. The book is intended to both capture and preserve the history of the township, while highlighting the role of Township Government and how it has expanded and changed significantly over the past decades and continues to change and respond to community needs.

The 36 page booklet, which includes photos from the Township’s earliest days, begins with the formation of the Township on April 17, 1850 and includes among its first official acts of business "to make regulations concerning cattle, horses, hogs, etc." It includes accounts of how the first roads were developed and the Township’s role in the formation of New Trier Township High School. It outlines how in 1920 social service needs began to play a more important role in Township government and provides a detailed overview of programs and services that are offered today. Printed copies are also available at the Township Office.

History Book Cover

Project Contributors

The project was coordinated by New Trier Township Clerk Jerome Hoynes; research and illustrations provided by long-time Winnetka resident Harriet Hahn; and editorial and design oversight by former Communications Director Karen Spillers. Additional assistance and photographs were provided by:

  • Ellen Shubart and the Glencoe Historical Society
  • Melinda Kwedar and the Kenilworth Historical Society
  • New Trier Township High School
  • Patricia O’Keefe, former Township Communications Director
  • Patrick Leary and the Wilmette Historical Society
  • Patti Van Cleave and the Winnetka Historical Society
New Trier Township - 1850 Map