Clerk's Office

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What We Do

The Township Clerk's Office strives  to deliver the finest assistance to each client. The role of a Township Clerk is multi-faceted, with duties that include recording and maintaining minutes of each township meeting, publishing public notices and maintaining archives of ordinances. As new township officials are elected by our residents, the Clerk administers their oaths of office.  The Clerk's Office also serves as custodian of official records and manages the Township's historical library (located at the Township office for viewing during normal business hours).

Jerome and Sandy

Annual Town Meeting

On the second Tuesday of April the Clerk’s Office organizes the Annual Town Meeting, a traditional evening celebrating democracy in action. This is a unique opportunity for registered voters to interact with elected officials and vote on agenda items. 

Our next Annual Town Meeting has been postponed due the Coronavirus emergency. We will post the meeting date once we are cleared to resume large group activities.

Other Services

The Clerk’s Office also provides services including voter registration,  accepting passport applications, providing temporary disability parking placards and issuing Cook County vehicle stickers.

Deputy Clerk Sandy Forrester and Clerk Hoynes are grateful for the opportunity to serve residents along the North Shore. Should you have questions, please feel free to phone the Clerk’s Office at 847-446-8202, extension 112.

 Jerome Hoynes, Clerk, New Trier Township