Supervisor's Office


Supervisor Eisenberg


Please note that U.S. Passport service has also been temporarily suspended during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Educational Forum events, Legal Clinic help, and Board of Trustees meetings will be offered virtually via Zoom until further notice. 

Please utilize all health precautions and obtain a vaccine when it is offered to you not only for your own health but for that of our greater community. More information about Cook County’s Vaccination program can be found here. Be safe. Feel free to reach out to us should you need advice or assistance in these challenging times. 

Gail S. Eisenberg, Supervisor

How We Serve You

The township form of government was created to bring government closer to the people they served. Since our founding in April 1850, New Trier Township has served the local interests of its residents and our officials remain directly accountable to the voters who elected them. As the Township’s Chief Executive Officer, my role is to formulate township policies and supervise their enactment. My job also includes participation in the development and approval of the township budget, as well as the hiring of Township employees. Additionally, I also serve as chairman of the Township Board of Trustees.

By Law, Illinois townships are charged with the basic function of general assistance for the indigent. As your Supervisor, I have the responsibility of issuing General Assistance to eligible persons living in New Trier Township. General assistance provides for food, shelter and emergency relief for people in extreme  need.


In order to meet the demands of rapidly changing times, New Trier Township has established numerous services and programs that help people realize their full potential and strengthen our communities. In addition to General Assistance, New Trier financial assistance includes child care and camp scholarships, emergency and crisis financial support for those who do not meet the strict requirements of the General Assistance program set forth in the Illinois Public Aid Code, and support for residents caring for a disabled family member at home (formerly known as “Community Support Grants”). The Township also addresses food scarcity by serving residents in need at our community Food Pantry.  In addition, the Township contracts with local organizations to fund programs that address the unique needs of residents with developmental disabilities or struggling with their mental or physical health, individuals and families in crisis, low-income residents, domestic violence or intimate partner survivors, seniors, and vulnerable youth, including our well-known Peer Jury program which provides victims and non-violent youth offenders with rehabilitative justice and prevents recidivism. Senior residents are empowered to age in place while breaking down the barriers of social isolation through subsidized transportation services. We have also developed partnerships with other governmental entities and officials to best serve residents through office hours in Town Hall. 

 Please feel free to look around our website to find the information you may need.


Should you require assistance or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at  please phone 847-446-8202 or visit Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. It is an honor my privilege to serve you and the greater community.

Gail S. Eisenberg, Supervisor