Townships Serve People

New Trier Township is sometimes confused in the public mind with its better known namesake-the New Trier Township High School. This is understandable, because Township government in the United States is the least known link in the governmental chain that extends from the village to the federal level. Yet, it is the oldest form of government, dating back to the early British settlers in America, who felt that it was the most direct and most democratic approach to governing. Today, Township government retains much of this direct contact with people by its accessibility and service to our residents.

Among our basic functions are human services including the funding of social services and programs; advocacy for property taxpayers, and resident services. Within the halls of the Township office, our Assessor's office handles property tax assessment appeal and exemption matters. We provide convenience services such as voter registration, notary public, and acceptance of passport applications. We are a resource for people in need and provide services that include financial, food, employment and referral assistance.


Our purpose is clear: to provide leadership, advocacy and resources to benefit the physical, mental and social well-being of Township residents. We look forward to serving you.

New Trier Township Office