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Arts of Life
Denise Fisher
2010 West Carroll Avenue
Chicago, IL 60612
Phone: (847) 486-0808

Arts of Life advances the creative arts community by providing artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities a collective space to expand their practice and strengthen their leadership.
Cancer Wellness Center
Nancy Bulzoni
215 Revere Dr.
Northbrook, IL 60062
Phone: (847) 509-9595

Through supportive care and education, the Cancer Wellness Center seeks to improve the emotional and physical well-being of people affected by cancer.
Career Resource Center, Inc.
Nancy Frohman, Executive Director
40 E Old Mill Road
Lake Forest, IL 60045
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Phone: 847-295-5626

Link: Career Resource Center, Inc. Website
We provide our community with a warm and welcoming setting in which to search for their future, helping them remain positive and motivated. We teach self-reliance as the cornerstone of success. Members learn more about themselves, explore career options, and develop a focused plan of action through meetings with advisors and attendance at education and training programs. Job candidates learn to articulate their talents and successfully market themselves, maximizing their chance to find satisfying employment.
Center for Enriched Living
Harriet Levy, CEO
280 Saunders Rd.
Riverwoods, IL 60015
Phone: 847.948.7001

The Center for Enriched Living exists so that people with developmental disabilities can be fully included in the community, achieve personal success, and enjoy a good quality of life.
Anthony DiVittorio, President & CEO
1835 W Central Road
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
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Phone: 847-870-7711
Link: Clearbrook Website
Clearbrook is committed to being a leader in creating innovative opportunities, services and supports for people with disabilities.
Counseling Center of the North Shore
Bob Sanfillipo
992 1/2 Green Bay Road
Winnetka, IL 60093
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Phone: 847-446-8060

The Counseling Center of the North Shore is a private, nonprofit mental health center in Winnetka. They offer affordable fees and accept many insurance plans. The Center helps people through life's challenges and transitions by providing counseling, therapy, and community education.
Erika's Lighthouse
Brandon Combs, Executive Director
560 Green Bay Road
Suite 402
Winnetka, IL 60093
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Phone: 847-738-2300
Link: Erika's Lighthouse Website
Our mission is to make sure no young person feels alone in their depression. We are dedicated to creating a community of empathy and education. We create middle school and high school teen depression awareness programs so educators and teens can create safe spaces to learn about depression, letting students know they are never alone, and there is somewhere to turn.
Family Service Center
Renee Z. Dominguez, PhD, Co Executive Director
191 Waukegan Road
Suite 206
Northfield, IL
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Phone: Intake: 847-251-7350

Link: Family Service Center Website
Counseling support for students grades 5-12, help with stress, depression, substance abuse, relationships and child behavior.
Family Service of Glencoe
Amber Bond, Executive Director
675 Village Court
Glencoe, IL 60022
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Phone: 847-835-5111

Link: Family Service of Glencoe Website
Promote a stronger community by meeting individual and family needs through services that identify, prevent and resolve social and emotional problems. We believe that healthy families make for a strong and healthy community.
Glencoe Junior High Project
Grace Haggerty
620 Greenwood
Glencoe, IL 60022
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Phone: 847-835-7623
Link: Glencoe Junior High Project Website
The Glencoe Junior High Project (GJHP) is a parent-led, non-profit organization that has sought to engage Glencoe middle school students into the community since 1973. In order to carry out our mission of fostering socially aware, civic-minded and community-oriented individuals, we offer Glencoe 5th-8th grade students, opportunities to volunteer in their community, attend social activites and events, perform on stage, as well as access to a youth drop-in center in Glencoe's Central School.
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